Chefs (and Aspiring Chefs) Needed for

WHAT     Prepare & serve lunch to 100-150 poor & homeless
         women and their children at Rosie's Place

WHEN     Saturday, March 30

WHERE    South End
         T-accessible & parking available

WHY      Unfortunately, less people volunteer
         after the holiday rush to do so, yet volunteers
         are needed year-round (and the fifth weekends 
         of the months) to serve meals to guests
         at Rosie's Place. At the end of the month when people
         on fixed incomes tend to have run out
         of money, meals are especially needed.

         Rosie's Place provides a safe haven
         for women, providing community and
         companionship as well as nutritious
         meals and connections to internal
         and external providers of emergency
         and long-term assistance. Rosie's
         accepts no government funds, and
         relies instead on committed volunteers
         and private supporters.

         This project falls on the fifth weekend of
         the month, when there are no regular
         volunteer "caterers" to cook and when most people
         who receive monthly support have run out of resources.

         All volunteers are asked to contribute
         $10 to help offset the cost of groceries.
         Financial hardship waivers available (since
         (this should not prevent you from
         participating) when you sign up.

         (If you are unavailable to volunteer on 3/30, help
         us buy the groceries by making a donation to PMD online or by
         sending a donation check to our post office box below.)

         No food service experience is required-
         just a smile, good heart, good health,
         ability to follow directions, work while
         standing most of the time, and desire to
         provide friendly conversation and support
         for guests. Women AND men are welcome
         to volunteer.

         Includes lunch if there is enough to go
         around. We will be making healthy and tasty,
         individual turkey meatloaves that have been
         very popular when we've made them the past two years.

         Volunteers must be age 12* or older and
         complete both release and health reporting
         agreements upon arrival.
        *Volunteers age 12-15 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
         who also signs up individually to participate fully and to
         contribute grocery funds by the deadline.

HOW      Register by 3/20 at

         Incomplete submissions cannot be honored.
         Individuals may only sign up themselves
         (and may not reserve spaces for others).
         Participation is required for the entire
         project time span.
         After you successfully sign up online, you will
         see a confirmation screen, but NOT receive any email message.

         Then a few days before this project
         PMD will email specific details as PDFs,
         including directions to the project site
         (by public transportation and by car),
         what to expect, recipes, health reporting form,
         and a required waiver/release.

WHO      People Making a Difference (PMD) is a nonprofit
         organization that promotes informed and
         responsible volunteerism by involving people
         in tangible, hands-on work that meets 
         local needs and by assisting companies
         and charities in building successful community
         involvement programs that:
       * Produce appreciable results and bring
         tools and materials while conserving
         recipient charities' limited resources,
       * Educate volunteers about broader issues,
       * Bring people together to make a difference.

"We consider our volunteers to be the heart of
 Rosie's Place, a committed group of people who are
 motivated by true and ongoing unconditional love.
 Our volunteers make a real difference by
 improving the quality of the lives of poor and
 homeless women....

 Volunteers are not extras-they are essential
 members of our community. Each day we serve
 lunch and dinner to nearly 150 women and children
 at each meal with only 2 staff members and
 groups of volunteers. These meals would not
 happen without the many wonderful people who
 are willing to give their time and energy to us!"


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