WHAT     Check, fix & permanently glue Lego amino acids
         for cool Lego science learning kits for high
         school students to learn biological processes "hands on"

WHEN     Saturday, May 11
         2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

WHERE    MIT, Cambridge

WHAT     Manipulating Legos representing DNA, RNA, proteins, and atoms
         helps high school students learn about the molecular processes
         for DNA replication and gene expression, from introductory
         to advanced placement levels.

         Team up to build, check, and label lego amino acids
         by copying pictures and samples.

         For volunteers age 16 and older able to focus for full 3 hours.
         While no science knowledge is required, this project 
         does require fine motor skills, manual dexterity,
         and careful attention to detail while seated.

         All of the Lego materials and teacher professional
         development workshops have been funded by grants, but
         we need volunteers to assemble, check, and later
         permanently glue together all of the subunits
         from tens of thousands of components, so that
         these science kits can be readily used by hundreds
         of high school students and their teachers annually.

         MIT's K-12 Outreach Program, along with MIT's Edgerton
         Center, has developed science and technology school
         programs (

HOW      Register yourself by 5/1 at

         PMD cannot accommodate reservations or
         group registrations, so each individual
         member of a group/family must register
         him-/her-self separately.

         Incomplete submissions cannot be honored,
         even if you have previously volunteered with PMD.

         No partial participation can be accommodated
         for this or any other PMD projects. This means
         that we cannot accommodate late arrivals or
         early departures.

         After you successfully register online, you will
         see a confirmation screen but receive no email message,
         so be sure to save the date on your calendars AND add to your address book and white/allow lists
         so that the week before this project, you will
         receive email with PDF attachments containing
         specific information including directions
         to the project site by public transit and car,
         what to expect, a checklist, maps, and waiver.

WHO      People Making a Difference (PMD) is a nonprofit
         organization that promotes informed and
         responsible volunteerism by involving people
         in tangible, hands-on work that meets 
         local needs and by assisting companies
         and charities in building successful community
         involvement programs that:
       * Produce appreciable results while
         conserving recipients' limited resources,
       * Educate volunteers about broader issues,
       * Bring people together to make a real difference.

"Dynamic LEGO models help students learn cellular processes 
while they complete the steps to building a protein. 
Their hands do all the work, while their minds are 
constantly making decisions about what happens next. 
It's a very active form of learning."
--Dr. Kathy Vandiver, MIT Outreach 
Director & LEGO Life Science Inventor

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