WHAT     Carefully Count/Collate Laminated Materials
         for Lego Atoms & Molecules Science Kits for
         Middle School Students to Learn "Hands On" about 
         Matter in Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science 

WHEN     Saturday, March 22
         9:30-12:30 and/or 1:30-4:30

WHERE    MIT, Cambridge 

WHAT     Manipulating Lego bricks representing atoms helps middle school
         students around the country model elements, compounds and 
         mixtures with the bricks and also model more complex
         concepts such as chemical reactions, concepts found in 
         the Next Generation Science Standards. 

         Help us finish 100+ classroom sets by carefully
         collating/counting laminated worksheets,
         building and filling kits with pre-counted Lego bricks,
         and boxing up these popular classroom sets for
         middle school students across the country.

         For volunteers age 12 and older able to focus for full shift.

         While no science knowledge is required, this fast-paced project 
         does require manual dexterity and careful attention to 
         detail while seated or standing. 

         Learn more about these sets created by Dr. Kathy Vandiver.

HOW      Register by 3/15 at

         PMD policy requires all individuals age 16+ to sign up
         themselves (and may not sign up others who are age 16+).

         Volunteers age 12-15 must be accompanied by an adult who also
         registers individually and participates fully.

         Incomplete submissions cannot be honored.

         No partial participation can be accommodated
         for this or any other PMD projects. This means
         that we cannot accommodate late arrivals or
         early departures.

         After you sign up successfully, you will see a
         confirmation screen but NOT receive an email 
         confirmation message. Then the week before the
         project, PMD will email a PDF with specific
         information, including directions to the
         project site by public transit and by car,
         checklist on how to prepare, what to expect, 
         directions and map, and a waiver.

WHO      People Making a Difference (PMD) is a nonprofit
         organization that promotes informed and
         responsible volunteerism by involving people
         in tangible, hands-on work that meets 
         local needs and by assisting companies
         and charities in building successful community
         involvement programs that:
       * Produce appreciable results while
         conserving recipients' limited resources,
       * Educate volunteers about broader issues,
       * Bring people together to make a real difference.

"Teachers often explain atoms as the building blocks of matter.
LEGO bricks model this concept perfectly and are something kids
know how to manipulate. It's an intuitive way for them to grasp
the concept. Hands down, I prefer it over the ball and stick 
models for my classroom."
--Ben Ligon, 6th Grade Science Teacher, Belmont, MA

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