One Great Way to Celebrate Holy Week!


WHAT     Collate and fold Braille pages of the Bible 

WHEN     Monday, April 14   
         6:15* PM to 9:00 PM
        *Optional: Arrive at 5:45 to share pizza & soda for $8pp.

WHERE    National Braille Press, Boston
         Two blocks behind Symphony Hall

WHY      The National Braille Press is producing
         100 copies of the 45-volume Bible.

         Braille books enable blind readers to
         to read/reference at their own pace,
         just like sighted readers of print.

         Volunteer labor (and donations) allow
         these huge Braille Bibles to be purchased
         at the same price as print versions.

         Volunteers age 12+ welcome. Volunteers will 
         carefully collate, check, and fold three
         Braille-embossed paper pages while standing,
         learn how Braille is produced, and may receive
         an optional tour to see how braille is
         produced at the National Braille Press.

         This project requires repetitive hand motions,
         good fine motor skills, standing for most tasks,
         careful attention to detail and, like all PMD
         projects, participation for the entire project
         time span.

HOW      To participate, sign up yourself by 4/11 at
         Incomplete submissions cannot be honored. 

         No partial participation can be accommodated
         for this or any other PMD projects.

         After you sign-up successfully, you will immediately
         see a confirmation screen with instructions to add
         email addresses to your address book/white list. 
         Then a few days before this project, PMD will email
         specific PDF project details including directions to
         the project site by public transit and by car*,
         checklist on how to prepare, what to expect,
         background information, and a required waiver/release.

       * Limited off-street parking is available for the first
         six people who request it when they register, but
         driving in Boston at this time of day can be
         gridlocked, so we recommend taking the subway.

         PMD policy requires individuals only sign up themselves
         (and may not sign up or reserve spaces for others).

WHO      People Making a Difference (PMD) is a nonprofit
         organization that promotes informed and
         responsible volunteerism by involving
         individuals in meaningful, hands-on work
         that meets local needs and by assisting
         companies in building successful community
         involvement programs that:
       * Produce appreciable results while
         conserving recipients' limited resources,
       * Educate volunteers about broader issues,
       * Bring people together to make a difference.

"If a blind child is taught braille skills with the same 
sense of importance that is rightly attached to the teaching
of print skills to sighted children, he or she will grow up
able to read at speeds comparable to print readers, a life
skill of inestimable value."
Joseph E. Sullivan, Founder of Duxbury Systems

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People Making a Difference (PMD)
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