WHAT     Prepare, chop, and peel fruits & vegetables, meats, etc.
         Package/label meals
         Offer tastings
         Bag groceries

WHEN     Saturday, January 20  

WHERE    Daily Table
         Dorchester's Codman Square
         #23 Bus from MBTA Orange Line Ruggles Station or Red Line Ashmont Station
         Off-Street Parking Available 

WHY      Low-income communities need tasty, healthy, 
         convenient and affordable meals and groceries 
         readily available from a positive and respectful place.

         Volunteer assistance combined with a large network 
        of suppliers who donate their excess, healthy food 
       (or provide special buying opportunities) 
       keep prices affordable. Meals are priced to 
       compete with fast food options, making it easier 
       for families to eat healthier within their means. 
       Plus all the food offered is informed by expert 
       nutritional guidelines, which makes it easy for 
       customers to make great food choices.

         Volunteers help prepare raw ingredients and 
         package meals, working alongside
         professional chefs who teach valuable knife skills 
         and food safety.

HOW      Volunteers must be healthy and at least 14 years old.
         All volunteers must wear clean hats or provided hair
         nets and aprons and gloves, as well as wear
         closed-toe shoes and clean clothing that fully 
         covers armpits and midriffs.

         Sign up to participate by 1/15 at

         Incomplete submissions cannot be honored.

         After you successfully complete PMD's
         online registration, you will see a confirmation
         screen AND receive a confirmation email message.
         Then a few days before this project, PMD will 
         email specific information, including directions
         to the project site (by public transportation and
         by car), what to expect, a checklist on how 
         to prepare, knife usage and food safety instructions,
         and health and waiver forms.

         Individuals may only sign up themselves
         (unless they are adults registering youth age 14-15 years old)
         and may not "reserve" spaces for others.
         Participation is required for entire time-NO late arrivals!
         Incomplete submissions cannot be honored.

         This is a fragrance-free event.
         Volunteers may not use/wear scented hair/face/hand/body/clothing products,
         including soaps and lotions.

WHO      People Making a Difference (PMD) is a nonprofit
         organization that promotes informed and
         responsible volunteerism by involving
         individuals in meaningful, hands-on work
         that meets local needs and by assisting
         companies in building successful community
         involvement programs that:
       * Produce appreciable results while
           conserving recipients' limited resources,
       * Educate volunteers about broader issues,
       * Bring people together to make a difference.

"...we have an abundance of food and much of it is going to waste through inefficiencies....So there's a lot of opportunity to better utilize what we're growing."

"At the lower economic rungs particularly, people are forced into bad decisions due to economics because calories are cheap and nutrients are expensive. The foundation of Daily Table was to try to figure out how on earth do we deliver to these one in six Americans an affordable, nutritious diet?"
Doug Rauch, Daily Table Founder (and former president of Trader Joe's)

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