Appropriate gastronomic volunteer recognition

Today I had the honor of preparing a brunch for PMD’s dedicated project manager volunteers: Jennifer, Aimée, Phil, Michele, and Mary. Just as they bake homemade cookies each time they lead a group of PMD volunteers to help a local charity, I annually host an elaborate brunch for them in appreciation for all they do.

While it would be more convenient and economical to take them out to brunch at a restaurant (and I wouldn’t have to clean and de-clutter my apartment), the act of cooking something special just for them in my home is important since they work so hard as PMD project managers, enabling groups of many other PMD volunteers to engage in good works effectively, safely, and enjoyably.

It was my pleasure to do something nice and somewhat unique for these dedicated people. PMD can’t afford to compensate them monetarily since they are worth so much, both in their professional lives and in their impact on PMD’s capacity to carry out the mission. It is the least PMD can do since being a project manager is very challenging: engage a group of strangers with no assumed skills or experience to work productively and effectively immediately to address the special needs of a local charity.

There was good camraderie, interest in each other’s lives, and positive karma on a very cold, subzero/just-stay-in-bed winter day. Midway through their omelettes, Michele joked that they would be returning for brunch again next weekend.  And while I know that it will be impossible to get these busy volunteers together again until next year, I can’t help but wish we could do it again next weekend.

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