PMD Projects Updated for 2008

Despite a severe stomach bug, I updated the list of PMD projects on the web site and emailed several descriptions to PMD’s private email list of 900+ people, many of which I hope will decide to sign up to volunteer for something.

The cozy and cute, no-sew fleece blankets for needy kids return for an encore on 1/16 evening, and karaoke with elders makes a debut on 1/21 MLK Day.

I’ve also begun the massive volunteer effort to staff the Blue Lobster Bowl of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl on 2/9, beginning with making a training video on 1/12. This is the only PMD project for which we require training and practice prior to volunteering. Given the fast and competitive high school students, we volunteers really benefit from preparing a week in advance of the 7:30 AM starting time.

I’m hoping that our annual return to sorting donations for an emergency clothing program for the poor and homeless (1/27) and to selecting and sending books requested in writing by prisoners (2/2) will motivate people to participate as well. This is the only time PMD will be offering these particular projects in 2008 since we’ve learned that this time of year is when the most volunteers have traditionally participated.

I also hope to receive more project sign up email messages than email bounces soon.

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