Privacy Policy

PMD’s Privacy Policy

Since our 1992 founding, it was PMD’s policy not to share personal contact information, not even with the charities we serve. However, due to the need for contact tracing during the pandemic, we are sharing your name and phone# with partner charities who require these for contact tracing purposes only. PMD has and will never add people to our email list without their explicit request/approval. PMD collects contact information so that it can communicate with volunteers about specific service projects for which they have signed up and/or participated.

In terms of our fundraising solicitation list, we do generally add anyone who volunteers for a PMD service project, particularly since we rely on our volunteers for financial support. Anyone can ask to opt out by emailing PMD.

Please email PMD to correct/update your contact information or to confirm that you do not want personal information shared outside the organization, with the exception of your phone# solely for contract tracing during the pandemic.

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