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Carefully collate Braille-embossed plastic pages between printed pages of PLUTO! Not a Planet? Not a Problem!

3 masked PMD volunteers collate printed and Braille-embossed plastic pages of the STEM and DEI children's book <i>Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist</i> for the National Braille Press to create these


  • Sunday 10/22/2023, 9:30-12noon and/or 1:00-3:30
  • Rain or shine.
  • Sign up by 10/15/2023

    Join the Backup List if you can reserve this day/time.


Carefully collate Braille-embossed plastic pages between printed pages of PLUTO! Not a Planet? Not a Problem!

Healthy volunteers age 10+ will carefully collate Braille-embossed, translucent plastic pages and Braille-embossed paper pages between printed pages while masked and walking around a large work table; carefully check their work; plus learn why Braille is very important for literacy and take an optional tour.

Adult volunteers will have the option to participate in a Pluto mini-talk with Q&A by PMD volunteer Dr. Michael Person, MIT Wallace Astrophysical Observatory Director, 12:00noon-12:30pm.


National Braille Press
Boston behind Symphony Hall
Spacious, well-ventilated, and sanitized basement work space

Note: PMD only shares specific directions, maps, and other details with registered volunteers since we cannot accommodate any walk-ins, i.e., unregistered volunteers simply showing up.


PLUTO! Not a Planet? Not a Problem!, written by Stacy McAnulty and illustrated by Stevie Lewis, is a playful children's book about the dwarf planet Pluto.

This is the November selection of the Children's Braille Book Club.

These special print-Braille books enable sighted and blind (or visually impaired) parents and children to enjoy reading and learning together, an important part of building literacy, even among pre-school-age children.

Volunteer labor (and donations - we're suggesting $20 per person) allow these special books to be purchased at the same price as print versions, which is important equity issue since book ownership enables children and parents to re-read favorites several hundred times together, an important part of early literacy.

Regardless of whether one volunteers on 10/22, anyone can help underwrite the cost of this special book by donating at or other methods listed at - Please be sure to designate your gift for "PLUTO".



To participate sign yourself up asap before 10/15 at
Registrants must also complete an online nondisclosure agreement (NDA) for the National Braille Press by 10/15/23.
Incomplete submissions cannot be honored.

PMD canNOT accept any UNregistered, walk-in volunteers.

Participation is required for the entire project shift.

Attendance at the mini astronomy/Pluto talk with Q&A by Dr. Michael Person 12noon-12:30pm is geared for and optional for adults.

If this popular project reaches maximum capacity (15/shift), then interested volunteers can join the backup list, since we anticipate (and promote) cancellations due to covid-19 and flu infection and exposure. Joining the PMD backup list means making a commitment to reserve the shift(s) you select until the date you provide.

For volunteers age 10-17, a parent/guardian must also agree to PMD's waiver/release and NBP's NDA electronically, and for volunteers younger than age 16, a parent/guardian must also register before the project reaches maximum capacity and participate fully with the minor.

Call PMD if you cannot sign up using our form.
If you experience any difficult registering online to volunteer with PMD, please immediately CALL THE PMD OFFICE at (*82) 1-781-963-0373 so that we can help you AND troubleshoot the problem so that other potential volunteers will not face the same problem. Thanks!

After you sign-up, you will see a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation email message, so be sure to save the date and times on your calendars AND add to your address/white/allow list.

Then a few days before this project PMD will email specific details in a PDF, including directions to the project site by public transit and by car*, what to wear/expect, checklist, map, and release form for minors that a parent/guardian must co-sign and provide at at check-in on 10/22 -- Volunteers age 18+ provide their consent when registering online, to minimize paper/contact.

*Limited, free, off-street parking is available by request when registering to volunteer with PMD, with spaces given to the first eight requests per shift.



Volunteers must be age 10 or older, and those under age 16 must be accompanied by a registered and fully participating adult.

This project requires being in excellent health (and living with others who are also), repetitive hand motions, good fine motor skills, standing and walking around a work table, and like for all PMD projects, careful attention to detail for all tasks, being "fragrance-free," and participation for an entire project shift.



"If a blind child is taught braille skills with the same sense of importance that is rightly attached to the teaching of print skills to sighted children, he or she will grow up able to read at speeds comparable to print readers, a life skill of inestimable value."
Joseph E. Sullivan, Founder of Duxbury Systems

"The child becomes largely what it is taught; hence we must watch what we teach it, and how we live before it."
Jane Addams, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

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